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Any questions about Valley Corvettes, please don't hesitate to contact one of us! You can use the following email to contact us, please indicate who you want to contact and it will be forwarded:


President:  Larry Brown

Vice President:  Randy Pardue

Secretary:  Sandy Klausen

Treasurer:  Lee Bellemare 

Activities Director:  Athena Pardue

Sergeant at Arms:  Sheryl Bellemare


Charities:  Jana Shepherd

Inventory Control: Bill Bradbury

National Corvette Museum Ambassador: Mike Malone

NCM Caravan 2024: Rendall Brushey

Racing Team:  Rex Petersen

Social Media:  Kim Vance

Sunshine Lady:  Rinice Phillips

Technology:  Nonie Garvey

Vette Chix Lunches:  Donna & Gary Saylor

VetteFest 2023: Larry Brown

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Copyright © 2021 Valley Corvettes, LLC  All Rights Reserved

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